Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Dispensary Security

 Medical and Recreational MMJ Dispensary

We have years of experience with Marijuana Dispensary Security; and we are familiar with the policies. For your assurance of our services, we may provide references of current and past Clients. For your security requirements, armed guards are usually preferred for the protection of your Marijuana Dispensary (we also offer unarmed). The armed guard may observe the lobby and back room with occasional outside patrols; or assist with authorized check in and process of your patients and/or customers, which will lower your employee expenses and assist your staff. The proper selection and training of the Guard is important for the profitability of your MMJ Dispensary. For both security and customer service, it’s important to retain the same guard which helps identify regular Patients and/or Customers, since the guard will more likely identify a suspicious person and deter or respond to a potential threat. There are various concerns to include:

Guard Selection & Training

  • Criminal Background Checks (Local, out of State, and or National).
  • Each Guard should have years of security experience with actual ‘use of physical force’ in protecting others from violent suspects or loss prevention.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Firearms qualified and trained for safety and tactical response (See Armed Page)
  • Each Guard should be physically fit.
  • Advanced security training (see Guard Training page).

Security Guard Duties

  • Check in and process patients and/or customers.
  • Upon request, escort patients and/or customers to their vehicles.
  • Respond to disruptive behavior.
  • Deter outside sales on your property, loitering and onsite Marijuana smoking or consumption of THC products.
  • Loss prevention and deter robberies.
  • Armed Escort your courier vehicle to its destination safely.
  • Parking enforcement.
  • Assist your staff with clean-up after closing.
  • Escort employees after closing.
  • Grow house security available.

We offer consultation with choosing your options and security planning. Also, we allow you to meet the security Guards before they begin, so you will be confident about the guard’s abilities for the success of your Dispensary; therefore, you will be involved in the selection process. The Guards schedule may be part-time, full-time, temporary or regular service, and/or emergency response on short notice. TSI also installs burglar alarms, monitoring, and CCTV surveillance systems for MMJ Dispensaries. With a regular security guard account, your alarm monitoring is FREE, (Providing we can re-program your alarm).

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