Bank Security

Security at your Denver Metro bank is extremely important for customers, visitors, staff, and the public; we consider the security in every way tactically possible to provide the highest levels of security and appropriate customer service, while having a variety of uniform options available to be consistent with your image, while all TSI Officers maintain professionalism. All potential logistics will be assessed to ensure security precautions for the protection of your facility, while customer service skills will be at the highest levels to benefit you services.

We recommend an ARMED Guard for greater protection and deterrence, due to the great amount of cash available; however, we will use the unarmed option at your request. Another addition to our services, is for the security Guard to assist with light office duties, when security is not compromised, like before or after closing or when business traffic is at a minimum; this would also include light janitorial duty and picking up litter at the front entrance. Protecting your valuable investments, while presenting the best possible image for the success of your financial institution, is our goal. Call us for more information.