Our Profile

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Our management group has been serving various communities in Metropolitan cities across America to include: Denver, Honolulu, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver Metro, and New York Metro, for over 25 years, from both Private Security, Governmental law enforcement agencies, and the U.S. Armed forces. Going beyond security, we have also worked in various business and social services capacities to include: management, social work and counseling in very diverse environments from youth to senior citizens, in residential communities, business, hospitals, and industrial facilities. So we’re prepared to serve your safety and security needs with the highest quality standards, professionalism, and competitive rates.


We have Board Members, Executive Officers, and managers, who have been P.O.S.T. certified, ( Peace Officers Standards and Training.) with both Governmental law enforcement agencies and private academies. Some of our College achievements include bachelors of Science degrees in Criminal Justice, Social and Economic Administration, and Business Management. Also related to our security and administrative expertise includes paralegal school completion, over 3 years of counseling school, which all contributes to our successful Officer training, effective administration, Office quality and management, and superior safety and security service to our clients and the public.


Our combined education, experience, ethics, and talents, plus the innovative approach we have towards the security industry, prepares us to protect and serve our clients workforce, customers, residents, and the public. We are continuously developing our security awareness and Officer training to meet any new challenges or improve our services. Security is greatly a people related skill and we have special skills to innovate our Corporation beyond the industry standards, like our unique recruitment process and selection, unique methods to maintain and improve the morale of our officers that produce cost effective results and client satisfaction.


With the security duty, ethics and conduct are especially important and may even be critical to successful response to incidents or serious emergencies.Therefore, we have developed and maintained ethics and conduct for all our staff that are relative to safety and security. These guidelines help our operation to be successful and responsibly serve our clients.

Truth: Consistent with our Corporate name, True Security, we have the responsibility to be “ TRUE “ and honest in all our security, public relations, and business practices; this means NO high pressure, aggressive, or misleading sales tactics. All staff are expected to conduct themselves appropriately with our clients, customers, and the public to the highest degree or respect and professionalism at all times, to include when they are off duty. Honesty is still the best policy with TSI.

Dedication: to all policies relevant to TSI and our clients, must be followed to maintain our clients professional image and relationships, is our sincere pledge to you. We are dedicated to providing the best safety and security to our abilities. Being dedicated to the concern of peoples safety and security, is one of the character traits we look for in our hiring process and faithfully maintain.

Motivation: for the improvement of our qualities, we strive to excel the development of morale in all staff; this helps our Officers enjoy their careers and we have a long background and experience in human relations and counseling to notice individual needs and concerns of our officers. This also aids in our Officers being physically fit and prepared to accept new or challenging assignments that the sometimes unexpected security occupation encounters. You will see a high level of motivation in TSI Officers for providing safety and security.

                                        BOARD MEMBERS:

                                 President: Sequoia Argon

                                 Vice President: Emanuela Froment,  

                                  Treasurer: Jackie Argon  

                                  Secretary: Amy Nelson    

                                   EXECUTIVE OFFICERS:

                                   CEO: Sequoia Argon   

                                   CFO: Arnold Palmer  

                                   COO: Andres Reyes 

                                   HRO: Thomas Argon