Retail & Loss Prevention

Customers require a feeling of well-being when shopping in Denver. Our security Guards are prepared to provide the highest level of customer service to accommodate shoppers, while this assistance aids the clients own staff for increased performance and effective retail sales profits. Whether you require plain clothes Agents trained to arrest suspects, or Uniformed security Guards, we can help reduce your loss.Also, we offer Alarm and CCTV systems installations and service as well. See Alarm & CCTV Security.

Be assured, a TSI Loss Prevention Agent will be well trained, professional in both appearance and manners, while being motivated to work in the unique retail setting. Many fine details are considered that will aid our clients, beyond being a Security Guard, TSI includes in All Guards job description additional duties to maximize your employee`s efforts. This includes, yet not limited to, heavy lifting, stocking inventory, informing your customers with product information or directions; working together with your staff, whenever possible, for increased productivity and profitability is the TSI advantage. 

Considering the many differing retail settings in Denver, we offer free consultation to help you choose what options will benefit your business security and safety needs.