Event and Celebration Security

For a successful and prosperous event, quality security is important. The event security plan should consider foreseeable information that may impact successful and safe operations. At TSI, we evaluate every large or small event’s unique conditions and requirements for appropriate security, while considering the event history, intelligence reports, anticipated attendance, credentialing, and compliance with legal regulations. We provide security Guards that have the proper training and professionalism to meet any challenges. A summary of considerations may include:                                            
  • Pre-event planning.
  • Threat & risk assessment.
  • Check point security, (Search.) & line control.
  • Access control, unauthorized entry prevention, & perimeter security.
  • Parking and traffic flow.
  • Cash security and money escort.
  • Communications protocol and security equipment.
  • Deter incidents and crowd control.
  • Emergency plan, Fire, Medical, and evacuation.
  • Event clean-up, (During, then after.)
  • Activity reports.
  • Overnight security.
Events and Celebrations are intended to be pleasurable, Careful mediation of any potential trouble is preferred; yet if necessary, we have select security Guards with the  training to use the minimum use of force, for escort or restraint of person(s) if required. Highly important, is to confront disruptive person(s) or large groups with a de-escalating method, so to diffuse, mediate, or prevent issues from occurring, while we specifically provide these skills to ALL our security Guards. Also, we offer ARMED security that may be open or Concealed if desired. Incident prevention and proper response is very important for the success of your event and for future attendance increases. 

We will gladly consult with you about your event details.