Emergency & Disaster Security

When Emergency situations occur in the Denver area, we are ready-24/7/365- for safety and security, to protect your investments and liabilities. Some examples include: Power Outages, Employee or Customer threats from termination or disputes, burglary attempts, fire damage to infrastructure, Alarm or CCTV/Camera failures, vandalism damage to fencing, doors, or windows, Terrorist threats, or other incidents or emergencies. Our Denver officers are trained to be prepared for emergencies and coordinate with local Law Enforcement Agencies for secondary response. We are ready and prepared to react to Emergencies, while you will always have a live Operator for assistance,( NEVER, a Recording.) You can count on TSI for Quick, reliable, Professional, and highly qualified service for these unexpected occurrences that threaten your investments, future profits, and liabilities; we are concerned about peoples safety and security in Denver.


This could be the worst form of emergency! Whether a natural disaster or extreme equipment failure or hazards of any type, our goal is providing whatever needs within our capacity to secure the area. Additionally, we maintain a preparation of logistics and supplies to provide relief to minimize the impact of these events. With our Denver clients, we offer consultation to be pre-prepared for Disasters for added security and safety. Skilled and ready when needed.