Armed Security

An important choice with many concerns; and some examples may include: Retail security with large amounts of cash or other valuables, when direct threats are present, terminated employees security, Workplace violence, VIP/Executive/Bodyguard security, industrial hazards or sensitive equipment when sabotage or terrorist threats are a concern. When large sums of cash are transported, high risks of violence, or expectations of criminal activity are at risk. Based on the former, armed security may be the best option to protect and deter criminal incidents. Another consideration is whether the armed Guard is uniformed or Plain Clothes with the firearm concealed; with concealed, the Guard requires a valid CCW permit, (Concealed Carry Weapon) and we offer both options and have qualified Guards. We will gladly consult with you about your choices and planning.

We have our armed guards carefully selected, screened, with a clean ‘No criminal history’ CO background checks, or National checks if needed, firing range qualified annually as the minimum, and trained for the standards of specific posts they will work. Additionally, we schedule armed security guards with the proper background experience of actually using force and or verbal communication in confronting violent suspects. When detainment is required, proper techniques in using handcuffs is part of the training. Another concern, is the guards being physically fit for successful incident response and the ability to retain the firearm from a criminal attempt to take the firearm from the Guard. These and other concerns are important, so the armed guards will have the ability to protect property and people from criminal suspects; and the guards will know proper safety of handling the firearm in the event of an incident.


We have various special training for our armed guards, while often we recruit staff formerly trained by U.S.A. Military service, to include staff who are current Military Reserve status, which includes mandatory random drug screening, first aid certification annually, annual firearms qualification, some with secret clearances, and required fitness training and standards. Also with firearms training, we use a varity of classes like basic NRA  classes, special combat range time qualifications, and more – by certified NRA instructors. Also, we select prior Law Enforcement, who have experience worked as Police Officers, and or Corrections. We provide on the job training to maintain the guards; education, and classroom studies of the following:

  • Workplace violence awareness and response.
  • Employee termination security.
  • De-escalation skills with possible violent subjects.
  • Customer service and appropriate professionalism.
  • Basic firearms safety and operation.
  • Basic NRA shooting.
  • Tactical shooting.
  • Passing a shooting range score from a qualified instructor.
  • Firearms retention ability.
  • Criminal behavior studies
  • Loss prevention.
  • Handcuffing techniques.
  • Laws of arrest and detainment.
  • Crowd control.
  • Crime scene preservation.
  • Report writing.
  • Defensive driving, (When applicable)
  • Incident response.
  • Written testing of acceptable score.