Apartment Security

In a Denver Metro community setting, safety and security has the highest priorities of concern, since the security Guard may be the first person to arrive at the incident. Therefore, the Guards training may be critical to successful response, while quick decisions are required for all situations. For example, in the event of a residential fire, will the Guard  be ready and react properly? At TSI – The Guard will have specific training for all potential incidents to include: Smoke & Fire fighting information & skills, environmental hazards, disaster preparedness and reaction, special evacuation procedures, First Aid/CPR, Maintenance concerns, any criminal threat, domestic violence, and any needed information or training to be ready for any incident! We realize the sensitive nature of Denver’s residential and HOA security and policies (and the surrounding community) for peoples safety and security. The Guard’s presence will be a deterrent of criminal violations, while having alarm and CCTV systems will also add security. We have 24/7 operators always ready for our clients to ask for additional services or in the event of an emergency request, and this includes Bi-lingual operators 24/7 as well, so we are prepared to contribute to your success, security and safety of your residential community.