Alarm & CCTV Monitoring

Our experienced staff are ready to accomplish your Alarm and/or CCTV installation needs for commercial and residential installations; or consult with you about designing a specialized security system for ultimate effectiveness. With your alarm system, we may also add sirens, motion detectors, and glass breaks for improved protection. Also, we can program your DVR with port forwarding ability for greater security protection coverage, since you may observe the cameras on your home PC, laptop, or smart phone. We may offer you a reasonable service or monitoring contract to maintain your system as well. Call anytime for estimates or questions about our professional service in Denver and the surrounding community.

  • 24/7 operators for after hours service or information, “Call anytime!
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring-
  • Burglary, Fire, Medical, & Police/Security Response-
  • Installations, Service, & Sales with warranty-
  • Alarm/Camera-DVR Systems & Security Guards-
  • Month to Month or Long-Term Contracts-
  • NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES PERSONS, our concern is your needs-
  • Always Ready to Serve the Community!


  • $ 15/Month: Alarm Monitoring with LANDLINE Phone
  • $20/Month: Alarm Monitoring with CELLULAR Phone, Authorized Dealer of for wireless Devices
  • $ 25/Month: Landline & Cellular Phone Combination

NOTE: Above rates’ DO NOT’ include installation or products

  • Denver Metro, Security Guard Response: $ 100/ per Call, (Guard remains 45 minutes at Premises, or until Police arrive.)
  • After 45 minute Response Rate, (Guard Remains at Premises 4 hours or more.) $30/hr.
  • After 24 hours, (Guard Remains at Premises.) $20/hr.
  • Discounts Available with multiple services – CALL for Details

We are an independent Dealer of A.P.I. who for over 25 years, is one of the world’s premier monitoring facilities for development and implementation of alarm industry technology from DSC, SurGard, Honeywell, Bosch, SIMS and several VoIP providers. We have some of the best technicians and engineers in the world working with these companies to offer you the most modern, efficient and effective monitoring solutions on an ongoing basis.  Our staff and experience maintain an exceptionally high level of performance, a direct benefit to you.


  • Digital:  Radionics®, SurGard III®, Europlex®, DMP, Ademco®, Osborne Hoffman® ,Lobenn
  • Radio:  AES Intellinet, API Link®, Alarmnet®, UpLink®, Connect 24, DMP
  • Internet:®, Honeywell®,  Alarmnet-I®, T-Link® , GE® ,®,  DMP, Paradox
  • Video:  OzVision®, Videofied, CCTV, any other DVR brand as prescribed by the dealer

The world’s top receiver companies work with A.P.I. on new systems and refining old systems to give you the best technology to monitor your systems.  Our front line receivers include the Radionics 6600 and SurGard System III.  Each of these receivers is a leader in its specific market place.  The Radionics 6600 (Bosch) was refined at A.P.I. to instantly decide if the call should be blocked or let through and if so, immediately provide the correct handshake. Your system only needs to communicate once with the 6600 or the System III.  Every time your system calls in the future, the Receiver knows who you are BEFORE your system identifies itself, saving time in processing your alarm.


  • All formats including DMP


  • SIMS® Automation software
  • Z-Micro
  • Dual, hot, redundant Stratus Servers, Microsoft® W2008® Servers, Failsafe 3Com® Network, Two Cisco Catalysts
  • Data and data entry are available to you 24/7 via the Internet.  Alarm history is kept on line, indefinitely.

Alarm Processing

A.P.I. works with SIMS (Plano, TX), the world’s largest supplier of security monitoring software to process alarm signals once received.  Unlike most other companies in the security software business, SIMSII software focuses its efforts on one thing – monitoring of alarm signals.  While most other companies devote much of their resources on accounting and administration projects, SIMS software has stayed focused on the part of our business that matters most to you – monitoring your accounts.


  • Automatic switching to backup power
  • Multiple UPS
  • Backup generators (Triple Diesels)


  • Fault tolerant Avaya 8800
  • Cellular backup
  • IP Telephony allows your office to be an extension of the station.  A customer calling the station for technical support can be transferred to your office in real time.  They don’t need to call another number.


  • Redundant Fibre, Failover to Wireless
  • Additional Services, (Contact True Security for Pricing.)
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Test
  • O/C (log)
  • O/C (supervised)
  • Report (O/C – emailed)
  • Bill on behalf (EFT)
  • Watch24 (e-alert service)
  • DSC IP
  • Emergency Elevator
  • Life Sentry Medical Pendant Monitoring
  • Platform
  • DMP IP
  • Visor Alarm Plus IP
  • Paradox IP

Partitions/Sub-Accounts – Invoice at half of your digital base rate of monitoring per Partition/Sub-Account.

Kantech Hatttrix – Hosted Access – Base Service Plan – per door Kantech Hatttrix – Managed Access – Base Service Plan – per door.AlarmNet Price List for Services [Always Plus your base digital rate of monitoring]

Alarm Transport Plans Included Data Radio, IP, or Combo
GSM/iGSM with Monthly Supervision 5 Messages/KB
GSM/iGSM with Daily Supervision 10 Messages/KB
GSM/iGSM, Unsupervised 41 Messages/KB
GSM/iGSM with Daily Supervision; High Usage Plan 75 Messages/KB
GSM/iGSM Unsupervised; High Usage Plan 106 Messages/KB N/A N/A
GSM UL High Security device with 200 second Supervision All Inclusive N/A N/A
APL (Advanced Protection Logic) Unlimited
Two-Way Voice over Radio N/A N/A
Fire Communication Included Data Radio, IP, or Combo
iGSM/iPGSM-COM for UL864 Commercial Fire 20 Messages/KB N/A N/A
iPGSM-DP Fire Comm: NFPA72 & UL864: DailyTest [iGSM] All Inclusive N/A N/A
iPGSM-DP Fire Comm: NFPA72 & UL864: 5 MinuteTest [IP] All Inclusive N/A N/A
iPGSM-DP Fire Comm: NFPA72 & UL864: 5 MinuteTest [GSM] All Inclusive N/A N/A

Additional usage charges for alarms & data packets on GSM [wireless] service, when applicable $0.11/Msg or KB Data. Data limits only for GSM/Radio plans – No data limits for Internet plans. vices Radio Only Internet Only Internet & Ra

Total Connect Lifestyle Services Radio, IP, or Combo
Total Connect – Basic Free*
System Notifications (Arm/Disarm)
Multi-Site Access
Total Connect – Plus
System Notifications (Arm/Disarm)
Zone Status Reporting (Up to 10 Zones)
Multi-Site Access
Total Connect – Premium
System Notifications (Arm/Disarm)
Zone Status Reporting (Unlimited Zones)
Multi-Site Access

Optional Services Radio Only Internet Only Internet & Radio

*When Subscribing to a paid alarm transport plan

ew Rate Plans Effective May 1, 2012

Optional Services Radio IP, or Combo
Video Services
TC Video (6 Cameras & 100MB)**
Automation Services (Thermostats, Lights, Locks)
Basic (Remote Control)
Enhanced (Remote Control & Notifications) Location Services
Basic (Geofencing With Basic Notifications) N/A N/A
Enhanced (Basic & Speed Alerts & Tracking) N/A N/A
Information Services (Pull Content)
5-Day Weather on L-5100 Display
5-Day Weather, Traffic and News on L-5100
Advertising Services (Push Messages)
30 Message Per Month to L-5100


**These services require an Internet connection


DSC Interactive Price List for Services [Always Plus your base digital rate of monitoring]

C24 Interactive Service Fees

Features and costing below is only for the C24 Interactive service. Additional charges may apply for other Services, such as Cellular Transmission Services, SMS command and Control Services and Two-Way Voice Services.

Notification Packages

* Alarm Panel POTS and/or IP Event communication (Alarm, Trouble, and Arm/Disarm communication)

* Unlimited Email Notification (All/any Events)

* True SMS Text Messaging Add-on option

* Video Add-on option

* Web Portal access and Mobile Applications

Security Packages

* Same as Notification package plus

* Command & Control of Impassa 3G

Touch Packages

* Requires C24 Gateway

* Command & Control of PowerSeries

* Touchscreen option

* Up to 6 Cameras can be added

Automation Packages

* Same as Touch package plus

* Addition of Z-wave support _________

Video Packages

* Up to 2 Direct tunneling Cameras can be used

* True SMS Text Notification (add-on to any of above):

* Text Messaging Notification (All/any Events)deo

Interactive Rate Plans Available

* Includes C24 Communications GSM Rate Plan

* All HSPA 3G Alarm Signals for Life Safety Monitoring

* Daily/Weekly/Monthly Timer Test

* DLS Support

* Web Portal access & mobile applications – connection with C24 Interactive web portal & C24 Manager Apps

Two-Way Voice Add-On


Note: The inclusion of SMS, Command and Control and other features in a service package are independent of, and priced separately, from such Services purchased independent of C24 Interactive Services.

Extraordinary Data Fees: 1 to 49 zones / points – No Charge. 50 to 99 zones / points – one time fees. 100 to 199 zones / points – one time fee. 200+ zones / points – Also a one time fee will apply *This fee is designed to partially cover our labor costs of entering the data.

Videofied – Monthly monitoring charge – Includes 20 looks per month.

Additional looks are charged per look.

Videofied – Also Monthly monitoring charge – Includes unlimited looks per month